Supernationals 9.

Tony Kart would like to inform all racers whom had intentions to compete in the upcoming SuperKartsUSA! Super Nationals IX that support will continue as intended for the event. As in the past, Tony Kart will be in attendance and will provide technical assistance for both Tony Kart Chassis and Vortex Engines. This support will come in way of a team of engineers as well as Tony Kart President Roberto Robazzi and 1996 Formula Super A World Champion Johnny Mislijevic.

In an effort to ensure a high level of customer support, CompCor Distribution is committed to helping the effort for this event by supplying a fully stocked inventory of spare parts. Tony Kart has acquired former CompCor Technical Director Cliff Kujala to assist in the coordination of this event. Kujala’s role at CompCor included management of race team operations, and plans are in place to ensure a seamless transition into this event.

Current list of drivers scheduled to be in attendance:
Class — Driver
SuperPro — Jason Bowles
SuperPro — Kyle Martin
SuperPro — Ryan Yop
SuperPro — JJ McTernan
SuperPro — Mike Beeny
SuperPro — Jon Allen
TaG Sr. — Joel Miller
TaG Sr. — Thomas Eichelberger
TaG Sr. — Andy Lee
TaG Masters — Ethan Wilson
G1 — Bonnier Moulton
G1 — Craig Sender
G1 — Chris Farrell
G1 — Tim McLowes
G1 — Kelly Baker
S2/ICC — Jonathan Wright
S2/ICC — Slavik Prikhodko
S2/Moto — Jonathan Wright
S3 — Jonathan Wright
JICA — Gustavo Menezez
JICA — Christian Stover
80 Junior — Christian Stover
80 Junior — Mike Self
80 Junior — Alex Shloissnik

For further information in regards to this event, please contact Cliff Kujala directly. If you would like to compete as part of the team, it is imperative that you make contact immediately at 1.602.330.2925 or cliff@cliffkujala.comZavadskaiya komanda Tony-Kart vistavila ihni vaditeli dlia uchastia b SKUSA Supernational 9. Silneshiye spetcalisti iz italia budut tunat zavodskiye machini, b Tony-Kart Team payevilac machina c belaruskim flaggom. Sledite za novostiami, gonka budit b las vegas c 9-13 november.
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